2019-2020 School Year Book Talk

Posted by Sheila McGraw on 9/1/2019 7:00:00 PM

We have had a great start this year in the library! Ms. Dedmon and Ms. Coleman brought in the sixth graders and they got a good introduction to the library...fiction, non-fiction, and Dewey!  The 7th grade English classes came in and we talked about BOOK LOVE...and the importance of reading for pleasure. Ms. Lanier brought her classes in and I am expecting the 8th grade English classes to come in next week.

Let me just say that the SHELVES are full of new great books.  I put out $2500.00 worth of books at the end of the year last year and last week I put out fifteen new books and audio books from Junior Library Guild.  Even though, I must admit, most of the DWK books and Amulet books stay checked out, they will come in and out and there are so many other great books on the shelves.  

I am working on a BIG BOOK ORDER now so let me know what you want!

Don't forget about Destiny Discover--you can get to it from several places on my website.  Also don't forget to sign in to Clever.com and check out SORA.

Happy Reading at OTM.