Exam week schedule

 Exam Week Schedule


On Monday, December 16th we will begin our semester exam week at Ridgeland High School. This exam schedule is posted below for review. It is important to know that only 12th grade students in semester classes are eligible for exemption. No students in grades 9-11 are eligible for exemption at the first semester break. All underclass students are expected to attend the scheduled review classes and are required to take exams. Any absences from review classes will count against potential exemption on end of the year exams in May 2020. Attendance during this final week is very important. Parents are urged not to check out their students during this important exam week.


Exam week will conclude on Friday, December 20th with a 60% day. School will begin dismissal for non-bus riders on Friday at 12:30 for the holiday break and resume with an A Day schedule on Monday, January 6, 2020.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation to ensure that school attendance is a priority.


Monday, 12/16:
5th and 6th review
7th and 8th regular class

Tuesday, 12/17:
5th and 6th exam
1st and 2nd review

Wednesday, 12/18:
1st and 2nd exam
3rd and 7th review

Thursday, 12/19:
3rd and 7th exam
4th and 8th review

Friday, 12/20:
4th and 8th exam
60% day