Posted by Susan Shivers on 1/1/2014

Published on Dec 20, 2013
The Longest War: Sudan's civil war raged for over two decades. This film gives incredible insight into its bloody and violent history.

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This film chronicles Sudan's decades-long civil war, a violent mix of colonial legacies, religious tensions, and new found oil wealth.

Sudan's civil war, which raged from the 1980s until a peace deal was brokered in the early 2000s, marks the longest war ever to take place on the African continent. Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, who served as intellectual mentor of the Sudanese regime for much of the war, states that "We have never known slavery," although many in the south claimed that the north launched regular slave raids into their territory. "There were times when the situation seemed quite hopeless," remarks Nhial Deng, former SPLM Secretary of Foreign Affairs, on the fitful negotiations that finally led to a peace treaty in 2005