South Sudan's short-lived moment of hope

Posted by Susan Shivers on 12/30/2013

Published on Dec 20, 2013

Hope For The Future: As South Sudan tumbles into another crisis, this short-lived moment of hope becomes even more heartbreaking.

Darfur may dominate the headlines but in Southern Sudan, the story is more positive. After a 21 year civil war, peace seems to be returning to the region and refugees are coming home.

The peace deal agreed between the SPLA and government gives the South greater autonomy. Now, millions of displaced people are returning. "They're our people. They have a right to be here," reasons Vice President of Southern Sudan, Dr Machar. But tensions between the North and South still abound. According to the agreement, the South was supposed to receive 50% of all oil revenues. But some claim this is not happening. "We have received very little revenue", states Machar. Militias, allegedly armed by the government, are still creating terror in the South. Despite this, people like Martha are optimistic. "I'm very happy because I've come home."