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Eighth Grade Choice Sheet Instructions

MMS 8th Grade

Registration for 2020-21 School Year

Eighth Grade Choice Sheet Copy

Video Instructions from Mrs. Montgomery

Step One:

            Provide your residency. According to the handbook, your residency proof must be in the form of one utility bill. The bills accepted are Electric, Water, and Gas. You may drop those off with your student’s name on them to the drop box in front of the school, or email to Denise Powell at If your residency changes over the summer, you need to report to MMS to fill out a new affidavit, and you must bring in your new deed/lease and two new bills. If your lease is expiring, please provide an updated copy of your lease along with your bill.


Step Two: 

            Log in to your Active Student account at Your username should be your MSIS number with the 0’s in front. You will need to reset your password, and you may have to create security questions to do so. The first time you log in, put in your MSIS number with the zeros for both your username and password, and the system will immediately direct you to reset your password.  Once in Active Student, click on COURSE REQUESTS, then click on ADD NEW COURSE REQUEST. From the “Course” drop-down box you will choose one elective at a time, then SUBMIT COURSE REQUEST. Leave the course type as REQUIRED and do not change it!


Step Three:

            Choose your TWO electives. You will not choose any other core courses; these will be selected for you based on your previous courses, your Case 21 scores, and your grades. You are only choosing TWO electives. Remember, one elective must count for a PE credit. Band, Choir, Team Sports, Varsity Sports, Cheer, and Dance are all considered PE credits. You CANNOT take both PE and Team Sports. Choir: Boys choose Accents, Girls choose Melodix; however, YOU WILL BE PLACED IN THE APPROPRIATE CHOIR by Mrs. Bruening. Do NOT choose Learning Strategies or Study Hall. We will place you into that class if necessary. If you choose Gifted, you must have already been placed in the Gifted program and have a PPDS form on file with the school.  If you wish to be in Yearbook, choose another elective, and we will drop it for you if you make it. Yearbook applications are now online on Canvas under your grade level page. If you are in a Resource/Tutorial class, you should already see “Tutorial”.


That’s it! You’re done!


Things to Remember:

  • The following courses will count for HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT: Spanish, Biology, Math 8, Math Advanced 8, Compacted Math 8, Geometry, STEM.
  • If you are in any Accelerated Course (Advanced Math 8, Compacted Math 8, Biology, Geometry, Accelerated ELA), you are required to maintain an 85 average each 9 weeks to remain in the course.
  • ANY CHANGES TO CHOICE SHEETS MAY BE MADE UNTIL JULY 1. After that, no more changes can be made.