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Final Exam Schedule


May 20 – May 23

Final exams will be given May 20– May 23, 2018. We have listed the Exam Schedule below to help you organize your studying. All students are encouraged and advised to attend all review blocks for which they have an exam.  

If you wish to check out during exam week, you must fill out and sign the permission form for each block you choose to check out. At the end of the block, each teacher will collect the permission forms, and you will report to your car rider line. If you do not have a signed form, you will remain in class. No phone calls, emails or faxes will be accepted. 

Students will only be allowed to check out at the end of a block- see times below. Students will not be allowed to call parents on the day of the exams at checkout time. If checking in for the second exam of the day, please arrive at 10:00 a.m.


 Exam Schedule




Begin- Ends



May 20



May 21



May 22



May 23

8:15 – 9:54

5th Block EXAM

1st Block Exam 

7th Block EXAM

3rd Block EXAM

10:06 – 11:40

6th Block EXAM

2nd Block EXAM

8th Block EXAM

4th Block EXAM

11:44 – 1:42

7th Block Review

3rd Block Review

5th Block 

1st Block 

1:46 – 3:20

8th Block Review

4th Block Review

6th Block 

2nd Block 






May 20-23: Exam Week


May 20: 5th & 6th Block Exams (Regular Schedule)

May 21: 1st & 2nd Block Exams (Regular Schedule)

May 22: 7th & 8th Block Exams (Exams in the morning)

May 23: 3rd & 4th Block Exams (Exams in the morning)