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Text & Email Message Reminders

Dear Parents,
Technology never ceases to amaze us!  We know life can get hectic when kids start school and deadlines become overwhelming.  Remind 101 is a text and email application that will allow us to periodically send out school wide and grade level information via text and/or email to help keep you "in the know."
All information will be posted on the GMS website first and don't forget to sign up for the GMS Text/Email Message System as well! You can also download the Remind App on your Smart Phone!
To start receiving text message reminders simply text 81010 with one of the
following messages:
   For school wide messages text @gms20232

   For 6th grade messages text @gms6grader
   For 7th grade messages text @gms7grade
   For 8th grade messages text @gms8thgr

If you have trouble sending a text to 81010 try text 571-374-1840.
If you would rather receive email reminders, simply send an email to one of the following email addresses:
   For school wide messages, send an email to

   For 6th grade messages, send an email to
   For 7th grade messages, send an email to
   For 8th grade messages, send an email to

Rest assured that you will not receive advertisement texts or emails and your phone number and email will remain private.  You can opt-out at any time by replying to a message with "unsubscribe @msschoolo," or "unsubscribe@6thgrader," or "unsubscribe@gms7grade" or "unsubscribe@gms8thgr."
We hope that that this will help strengthen the home-school connection.
If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact the school office at (601) 859-0376.

We are looking forward to working together as a team!  Go Mavericks!!!