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A Winter Evening in the Spotlight


A Winter Evening in the Spotlight

Beauty and Beau Information and Application

Germantown Middle School   ~   1st Annual - 7th and 8th grade Beauty & Beau

A Winter Evening in the Spotlight – 2019 Application

(3 pages:  Information/Rules, Dress Agreement, Questionnaire)


Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

at the Madison Central High School Auditorium



  1. The entry fee is $25 per participant.  All participants must pay the entry fee.
  2. You must return this form and the questionnaire to Mrs. Mendenhall by Thursday, December 20th.
  3. This form and the questionnaire MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE $25 ENTRY FEE (Either cash or the receipt from My School Bucks Search for:  Mendenhall/Beauty & Beau)
  4. The attached questionnaire must be completed when you turn in the application.
  5. Dress is formal.  Girls will be expected to wear full-length or tea length formal gown
  6.  Guys may wear dress slacks, shirt and tie, and/or vest, blazer, suit, or tuxedo.  No jeans or casual pants.
  7. This is a school-related activity, all participants will be expected to conduct themselves as they would during a regular school day.  Any undignified behavior may result in disqualification and/or reprimand by school administration.  This includes waving, hand gestures, or anything that could be considered inappropriate.  Judges will also deduct several points for gum chewing or inappropriate conduct listed in the previous statement.