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Online Absence Form

Student Absence Information: (Please see the Handbook for District level requirements)

For admittance after an absence at Mannsdale Elementary, each student is required to see the Attendance Clerk for re-admittance to school. We have an online absence form to help make the process of parent notes more efficient. To take advantage of this online absence form, you must have a Schoolwires site account. To sign up for a Schoolwires Web site account, Click HERE. Once you have the account established, you may use this form as an official "parent issued excuse." Please note that this form is not provided for medical excuses.
Online Absence Form
For those wanting to send a note with their student:
When a student returns from an absence of one or more days, the student must submit an excuse from his/her parent or guardian to the attendance clerk stating the reason for the absence in order to receive an excused absence.  The student will then be issued an admittance slip to class. The excuse shall contain the date written, the date/dates of the absence, the cause of absence, the parent/legal guardian's name.  A medical excuse may be required at the discretion of school personnel, deeding on the total number of absences recorded for the student. Excuses submitted more that 2 days after the absence may not be accepted.
By law, any student accumulating five unexcused absences must be reported to the Madison County Attendance Office.