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MacBook Renewal Process

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It is time for Rosa Scott students to renew their MacBooks for the upcoming 2019 - 2020 school year at Madison Central. Students will be bringing home the 2019 - 2020 Student/ Parent/ Guardian Technology Agreement Form with their progress reports or it can be downloaded here. Students need to return the completed form (including a parent signature and the MacBook Asset Number, which can be found on the front of the MacBook on the barcode) by May 10th to the Rosa Scott office. Students also need to send their $50.00 annual usage fee with the paperwork. This can be paid by cash or through My School Bucks. If paying by My School Bucks, please send a copy of the receipt with the agreement forms.

All students that are not renewing their MacBook will turn them in on May 13th

On May 13th, students who have not paid will be required to turn in all parts of their computer. 

  1. Macbook
  2. Charger
  3. Charger extender
  4. Charger duck head
  5. Black case that was issued with the computer