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Superintendent Message to Parents

Dear Parents,


Football season is here! We all enjoy cheering on our Madison County Schools teams and are thankful for how many of our families make MCS sports a Friday night tradition.


With the enthusiastic crowds also comes the need for safety and security. Please remember that adults who bring children to games are responsible for supervising those children. We have noticed more and more young children being dropped off to attend games, as well as children being allowed to roam stadium grounds, without the watchful eyes of a parent or other responsible adult. These practices are not safe.


Please make sure that you or the adult who brings your child to the game stays at the game and watches your child. Our security officers and administrators do their part to circulate and watch students, but with the crowds at athletic events we need your help to make sure students can have a fun and safe experience. We appreciate your attention to your children at athletic events.




Charlotte H. Seals


Madison County Schools