• The teachers and staff of Rosa Scott School are excited to have you as part of our freshman class. We hope that your schedule reflects the courses that you chose when you completed your choice sheet last spring or this summer. We realize that errors may have occurred, and we are prepared to make adjustments so that students can reach their academic potential.

    You will need to see your counselor concerning your schedule immediately IF AND ONLY IF your schedule reflects one of the following issues:

    1. You have a block that is UNSCHEDULED.
    2. You have been scheduled into two classes at the same time.
    3. You have been scheduled into a class for which you have already received high school credit.
    4. You are scheduled into two semester classes during the same semester that are dependent on each other (i.e., Visual Art I and Visual Art II are both first semester).
    5. You are missing one of the core subject areas - English, history (Ms. Studies & World Geography), math or science.


    If your schedule does not have one of these problems, you will be required to follow the schedule listed.

    **Be aware that all schedules at this point are subject to change. The Administration reserves the right to make schedule changes that are in the best interest of the entire freshman class.**