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    Titan FCA Huddle

     Thought of the Day

    PEACE:  A right relationship with God that results in a right relationship with myself that guides

    me to be in a right relationship with others.


    7 Calming Verses for When Life Feels Overwhelming:

    (1) Express more thanksgiving through prayer (Phil 4:16)

    (2) Hand over the thing that keeps you awake and causes you stress in the day (1 Peter 5:7)

    (3)  Remember you are not alone (Psalms 46:1)

    (4) Follow when God offers relief (Psalms 61:2)

    (5)  Remember what you believe (Luke 1:37)

    (6)  Remind yourself where real peace resides (John 14:27)

    (7)  Remember your purpose (1 Cor.  10:31)


     Officers To Be Elected and Their Duties

    1.  Captain - preside over all meetings, work with other Huddle officers and Huddle Coaches in planning programs, give direction in setting group goals and demonstrate Christian leadership qualities.

    2.  Co-Captain - will assist the Captain in any way, inform the Huddle of meeting time and place, assist in program planning and take care of any physical needs of the meeting.

    3.  Recruiter - will promote FCA activities among coaches and athletes.

    4.  Secretary - will provide administrative support of Huddle activities.

    5.  Treasurer - will be responsible for processing any funds acquired by the Huddle

    6.  Titan 23 Representatives - that will take the plans and message from the Huddle out to the 23 Titan Athletic Teams.


    FCA's Theme is One

    "I know that you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News"

    Phillippians 1:27


    FCA Leadership Team

    Students interested in leadership positions should contact Coach Packer for a application.


    FCA Sponsor:

    Coach Wade Hawkins (Head Tennis)


    Coach Jessica Packer (Assistant Tennis)



    Prayer At The Pole

    Join FCA members and local youth pastors at 8:10 am on the first and third Tuesdays for a short devotional

    and prayer for our schools, community, and country.  (Prayer at the Pole is held in front of the school at the flag pole)


    Huddle Schedule 2023-24

    TBA by 8/15/23


    FCA Huddle

     National "See You at the Pole Day" 8:10 am at the flag pole

    FCA See U at the Pole


    Campus Huddle October 10

    Guest Speaker Chuck Slay (Mississippi FCA)