• MCEE Competitions



    Financial Challenge State Champions and 2018 Finance Student of the Year SHREENITHI L







    Financial Challenge State Champions and 2017 Finance Student of the Year COOPER W

    Cooper W, Emma B, Tyler H, Carson E

    2017 State Champs  

    Econ Challenge Regional Champions 2017
    Cooper W, Carson E, Tyler H
    SMG 2nd Place Champions 2017
    Arshbir B, Josh O, Sam L, Matthew S, MaKenna R
    SMG Champs
    Financial Challenge State Champions 2016 ($750 Scholarship Each)
    Luke N, Cameron F, Luke M 
    FinLit 16  
    Econ Challenge Regional Champions 2016 ($50 Cash Prize Each)
    Luke M, Mitch M, Luke N, JP P 
    Econ Challenge 16  
    Financial Lit State Champs 2015
    Joe F, Tyler W, Faisal M, Isabelle S
    2015 State Fin Lit Champs  
    2015 Financial Literacy Student of the Year
    Tyler W
    Tyler W  
    2015 Econ Challenge Champions
    Isabella T, Camden C,Noah G,Seth B
    econ challenge champs  
    2014 and 2015 Champs Fin Lit @ Millsaps and Econ Challenge @ JSU


    2014 Financial Literacy 1st Place State Champions - Harrison G, Nick P, Tyler W, Tyler B

    1st Place Financial Literacy  

    2014 Financial Literacy Student of the Year Tyler B

    student of the year  

    2013-2014 MCEE Thad Cochran Teacher of the Year

    teacher of the year  

    2013-2014 EconOnline Regional Champions Heath D, Colten H, Tyler B, Harrison G


    2013 Financial Literacy 2nd Place State Champions

    Tyler, Austin, Heath, Camp
    2nd place Fin Lit 2013  

     2013 Econ Challenge 1st Place Regional Champs

    Colten Camp Heath Tyler
    1st place econ chall 2013  

    2013 Stock Market 2nd Place

    Nick, Sarah, Holden, Morgan, Alex
    2nd place stock market 2013  

     Stock Market Rankings - 2013

    2013 smg ranking

    Merrill Lynch Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 

    Nick E. 6th Grade GMS

    nick e  

    Financial Fitness Online Challenge 2nd Place State Winners 2012

    Katie V, Joe H, Tyler B, Austin L  6th Grade GMS


    The competition is for high school AND middle school students
    • Create teams of 3-4 students
    • The online competition will be held entirely online at the end of each nine weeks
    • In the first round, each team of students in two divisions will complete one online exam of 30 questions that covers topics in macro, micro and international economics
    • Two winners from each region in each division along with the top 8 teams across the state will be invited to compete in the state competition in Jackson
    • Highest possible score - 900

    Financial Literacy Challenge ONLINE

    This is a competition for high school AND middle school students

    • Create teams of 3-4 students
    • The competition will be held entirely online at the end of each nine weeks
    • Members of the Winning teams of the Financial Literacy Challenges from each Mississippi region will be invited to the Winners Reception in Jackson May 2011 and will receive $100 EACH.
    • Schools with the most students with the highest scores will also be recognized
    • Highest possible score - 900

    BankPlus Thank You!!!

    OBJECTIVES: Students will develop research skills, decision making skills, communication skills, thinking skills, and group dynamics.


    • I will use lesson plans from the MCEE to teach basic economic principles.

    • Students will form teams of five or less.

    • Students will select a team name and register their team.

    • Students will begin researching companies.

    • Students will make decisions for investment purposes.

    • Students will track stock performance.

    • Students will make decisions to buy, sell, or trade their stocks.

    • Students will monitor their portfolio daily and record profit and loss in a spreadsheet using Excel.