• 2018-2019 Chess Team 


    2017-2018 Chess Team 

    1. Cooper W.
    2. Sam B.
    3. Isaac T.
    4. Harrison S.
    5. Justin G.
    6. Wade L.
    7. Josh B.
    8. Cole C.
    9. Kirsten R.
    10. Jude T.
    11. Warren Ellis A.
    12. Lawson G.


    Madison County School District Middle School Chess Tournament


    Bring your lunch and $3 Cash

    Friday January 12, 2018

    8:00  Depart GMS - If you are late, you WILL BE LEFT BEHIND

    8:30- sign in - Students only - No parents allowed

    8:45- introductions and rules

    9:00- begin play PROMPTLY

    12:00- end play

    12:00-12:30- Lunch - the sack lunch you packed and brought with you

    12:45-1:00- Awards - Parents may attend

    1:15 - Depart MMS

    1:40 - Return to GMS and attend last block class

    2016-2017 PA District Chess Tournament

    Friday, January 20, 2017

    Arshbir, DeMarcus, Robert, Nathan, Isaac, Trent, Lawson, Sam B, David, Braden 


    2015-2016 PA District Chess Tournament

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2016

    Ellington J, Noah G, Camden C, Luke M, Austin L, Cameron F, Braden M, Robert K, Jalen H, Matthew S, Stephen R, Nathan U

    gms team 2016

    Noah G - 5th Place District


    2014-2015 PA District Chess Tournament
    1. Cody H
    2. Grant B
    3. Wesley H
    4. Nick P
    5. JP P
    6. Baiden G
    7. Ellington J
    8. Faisal M
    9. Joseph P
    10. Noah G
    11. Peyton H
    12. Stephen R
    13. Cameron F
    14. Chandler A
    15. Ronnie M
    16. Matthew J

    Alt Jake W / Kathryn J

    2013-2014 PA District Chess Tournament
    gms Winners  
     Cody H - 2nd Place  Grant B - 5th Place

    2012-2013 PA District Chess Tournament 
     2nd Place Camp R GMS
     3rd Place Owen I GMS
    chess team  




    Congratulations to Germantown 2012-2013 PA Chess Team

    6th: Ellington, Stephen, JP, Grant... Grant 5th Place District
    7th: Cody, Faisal, Matthew, Brad ... Cody 2nd Place District
    8th: Harrison, Tyler Colten, Heath

    Congratulations to the Germantown 2011 - 2012 PA Chess Team. 

    6th Faisal, Cody, Wesley, Kade, BRad, Ruben Kristjon
    7th Tyler Austin George Colten Heath ... Camp 2nd District
    8th Jessica Dyllan Charley Cody Hunter ... Owen 3rd District

    1st Place - Joe H & 5th Place Perrin B



    8th Grade 2010Team - Perrin B, Cameron P, Niki P, Brett P
    7th Grade 2010Team - Owen I, William H, Jessica C, Charley L
    6th Grade 2010Team - Joe H, Austin L, Heath D, O'Neill W