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    2019 State Champions

    SCENARIO WRITING - William G, Gracia O

    GLOBAL ISSUES TEAM - Meredith L, Ava T, Kirsten R, Mary Leigh W, Reed F, Andrew A


    VISUAL ARTS - William G, Cade W




    2018 State Champions
    Middle Division
    1st - Gracia O
    2nd - William G
    3rd - Joshua H
    Junior Division
    1st Preethika
    2nd Place Tyson T, Robert K, Brady P, Emma B
    1st Place Ava T, Mary Leigh W, Kirsten R, Preethika L
    3rd Place London M, Kameron, Tamya, Erin
    Isabelle, Layli, Ella Grace, Mabry
    Senior Division - Camden C
    Middle Division - Shreenithi L
    Junior Division - Jude T
    Middle Division - Emma S

    2018 International Champions LaCross Wisconsin UW-L

    Tyson T - 2nd Place MAGIC
    Brady P - 3rd Place MAGIC
    Gracia O - 1st Place SW
    William G - 2nd Place SW

    2017 International Champions  LaCross Wisconsin UW-L

    Emma S - 1st Place MAGIC

    Reed F - 3rd Place Scenario Team

    Tyson T, Grayson W, Brady P, Robert K - 6th Place Action Plan; 21st GIPS

    2017 State Champs Advancing to IC at Wisconsin June 5-11, 2017

    FPS Global Issues: GIPS
    Individual GIPS
    Scenario: Senior Hunter H, Middle-Corrin F, Junior Reed F

    2016 State Champs Advancing to IC at Michigan State University June 1-5, 2016

    FPS Global Issues: 
    Booklet (GIPS) - Middle - Anna, Jake, Isabella, Tyson

    Individual (GIPS) - Camden

    MAGIC - Robert K.
    Scenario - K., Erin

    Scenario Writing State Champs 2015-2016

    Junior Division:
    1st Place Erin O
    2nd Place Cooper W
    3rd Place Sophia L
    Middle Division:
    1st Place Kennedy R
    2nd Place Camden C
    3rd Place 

    2008-2009 @ Michigan State University

    Scenario Writing - Lauren W - 2nd Place Scenario International Champ
    Individual- Caroline B
    GIPS Team Taylor T, Ben D Wesley D Ceili H
    FPS Michigan Group  Lauren Champ Lauren and Marianne

    2009-2010 @ Wisconsin

    Scenario Writing - Wesley D
    Individual - Frances L - 3rd Place Individual International Champ
    CmPS Team - TWISTER Taylor, Ben, Wesley, Ashley, Lauren, Owen, Caleb, Chandler 
     Wisconsin IC Group Frances Lee TWISTER Wisconsin

    2010 - 2011 @ Wisconsin

    CMPS Junior Team TIM - Beyonder Hannah Madeleine Thomas Dean

    Mid CmPS BAND Cameron Niki Brett Allen
    Jr Ind Dyllan
    Mid Ind Anna 
    Jr GIPS Jessica Madeleine Hunter Eric
    Mid GIPS Perrin Spencer Jayde Kylie 
    Mid Scenario Jake
    Jr Scenario Cameron 

    dean and thomas madeleine hannah  

    2011-2012 @ Indiana State University in Bloomington, Indiana

    CmPS PAINS Jonathan Dean Cody Dyllan Thomas Mac Cameron Anna Madeleine Jessica Owen  3rd place IC
    Mid GIPS Madeleine Jessica Owen Eric
    Mid Ind Hunter
    Scenario Mid Jayde 2nd Place IC
    Alternate GIPS Jr Rhett
    adopted Jr GIPS from MCE Seth

    PAINS Champs  IC Group 2012 Jayde
    2012-2013 @ Indiana State University in Bloomington, Indiana

    CmPS SPACE : Katie, Anna Claire, Jacquelin, Anna, Hannah, Jessica, Owen, Hunter, Cody, Dean, Thomas, Madeleine

    Middle Teams: Jessica, Owen, Hunter, Hannah

    Individual: Madeleine C

    Scenario: Sophia P

    Indiana  Indiana Group
    2013-2014 Iowa State University in Ames IA

    Scenario: Kathryn J & Harrison G (2nd Place International)

    Jr. CmPS: LAFF - Madison J, Jaelan R, McLin S, Kathryn J, Camden C, Ashali K, Keely M, Kennedy R, Kayleigh T

    Mid CmPS: SOS - Jacquelin L, Sarah T, Rachel W, Harrison G, Clark T, Heath D
    MAGIC Keely M
    GIPS Jr. Ronnie M, Peyton H, Madison J, Cameron F
    GIPS M Jacquelin L, Sarah T, Heath D, Clark T
    Individual M Rachel W Jr Jaelan R
    harrison   Iowa State 1 iowa 2 Iowa 3
    2014-2015 IC @ Iowa State University in Ames IA
    Scenario Writing - Gracia O - 3rd Place IC, Connor C - 3rd Place
    MAGIC - Corrin F - 1st Place IC
    CmPS - Project HOPE 2nd Place IC  - Interview Team Brooke Ava Kennedy Jamarion Aiden Baiden Cameron (2nd IC)
    Corrin F - 1st Place MAGIC (MCE)                   Gracia O 3rd Place SW (MES)
                                                                               Veronica C 2nd Place (MCE)
                                                                               Connor C 3rd Place SW GMS 
    Corrin F - 1st Place MAGIC  Gracia O - 3rd Place IC, MCE 2nd Place IC, Connor C 3rd Place IC Proj HOPE 2nd Place CmPS Connor C 3rd Place SW Iowa 4
    Project HOPE 2nd Place IC CmPS
    Jamarion, Cameron, Baiden, Ronnie, Ava, Madison, Madelyn, Kathryn, Brooke, Makenzie 
    2015-2016 @ Michigan State University in East Lansing MI
    Scenario Writing - Kennedy R and Erin O
    MAGIC - Robert K
    GIPS Team - Tyson, Anna, Jake, Isabella
    GIPS Ind - Camden
    2016-2017 @ Wisconsin 
    FPS IC 2014 Iowa



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