• Welcome to Middle School

    Welcome to Germantown Middle School!  We look forward to having you become a part of our student body!  There is a lot more happening in middle school than just books and reports.  Some examples include:
    Athletics: Maybe you're already into sports, so the idea of joining the football team or trying out for basketball, volleyball, or track is a given.  Or maybe you're interested in trying a new sport.  If so, middle school may be the perfect place to start.   Keep in mind that only 7th and 8th graders can participate in team sports activities.  However, 6th graders, who have a passion for sports, may want to consider PE.   Our PE classes are structured classes designed to introduce students to skills in the various middle school sports.   It is not a requirement for students to take PE as a prerequisite for trying out for team sports in the 7th or 8th grades.
    *NOTE - all students are required to take a PE elective.   Band, choir, cheer, and dance all meet this requirement.
    The Arts:  Got a love for music? Why not consider trying out for band or choir?  Be sure to check out their websites for additional information about these two programs.  We also offer Visual Arts I and II, and Advanced Art as part of our curriculum.  
    Clubs, Organizations, and Hobby Groups:  In middle school, you can take part in many different clubs and activities.  We have clubs such as Student Council, Beta Club, Science Olympiad, and Awakening.   There also may be opportunities to form a new group for students who share a common interest such as photography, writing, etc.  If you want to start a new group, talk to a teacher or advisor who might be willing to help.
    Be sure to keep in mind how your after-school activities will affect things like study time, time for friends and family, and time to relax and sleep!