• Yearbook 2019-2020

    Welcome back!  I hope you and your family are staying safe.  Please remember to keep your distance from others and keep your hands clean.  This first week, you may complete your work on paper.  Once complete, you may hold on to your paper for next week.  If you have internet access and would like to submit it this week, you can e-mail it to me.  It is not required to submit it this week though.

    April 6th - April 9th

    • Hi all!  There aren't any new assignments this week.  I just need you to be sure you've done the things below.  Stay safe.


    March 30th - April 3rd

    • New:  Log in to Yearbook Avenue and view the Image Library.  We need to begin considering our choices for Instagram.  You won't move any pictures this time.  Instead, you will tag them with a special tag that I made for each of you.

      Open the folders for each school event and tag a minimum of two photos with your new tag.  Normally, you would tag the faces with a students real name.  Instead of doing that, you will click on a random spot of the picture and add your new tag.  Your new tag for these favorite pictures is Insta and your 3 initials.  So, for example, let's pretend that we have a Yearbook Staffer named John Landers Smith.  When he finds one of his favorite images that he would like to be considered for Instagram, he would click on a random spot in the picture and tag it with InstaJLS.  Login to see what I'm talking about and let me know if you're confused.  I think it will make sense when you try.  
      E-mail me when you're finished.
    • A few of you submitted your list of students who would be willing to share their Spring Break experiences.  If you haven't done so, please e-mail those to me.  Detailed information is included in the announcement for last week (below).
    • A few of you submitted your paragraph about your Spring Break.  If you haven't done so, please e-mail that to me.  Detailed information is included in the announcements for last week (below).

    March 23rd - March 27th


  • Speaking the code...

    When you look at your grades in Active Student (or Active Parent), you may notice different codes rather than a numeric grade. Below are explanations for the codes I use for your grades.  These may or may not be used by your other teachers.

    NM - This assignment either hasn't been graded or wasn't submitted. This does not average in as a 0.
    NG - This assignment has been graded. Unfortunately, you didn't submit this assignment. This does factor in as a 0. You can submit the work for grading. However, I will take points for it being late.
     1  - If there are problems with an assignment that you submit before a deadline, I enter a 1 in the gradebook and add a comment in Canvas.  Typically, these issues include students accidentally submitting the template (without answers) or a different assignment. Remember, as we discuss in class, this is your chance to resubmit the work.  If you don't resubmit the work, the 1 becomes a 0. 
     0  - You did not submit this assignment. It is now too late to submit the work.
     X or XPE  - You are exempt from this assignment.