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    End of Year MacBook Information


    Click HERE for instructions pertaining to the Senior Class of 2019.


    The MacBook renewal process for current 10th and 11th grade students will begin on Monday, April 29 and continue through Friday, May 10. The renewal process will take place during lunch in the glass technology room. Students should report to the glass technology room during their designated lunch block AFTER eating lunch.
    Students will need to bring a completed 2019-2020 Student/Parent/Guardian Technology Agreement Form AND $50.00 annual usage fee (CASH ONLY) to the glass technology room to complete the renewal process. Blank Technology Agreement Forms are available in the front office and need to be filled out completely prior to reporting to the glass technology room to complete the renewal process (including a parent signature and the MacBook Asset Number, which can be found on the barcode on the MacBook).
    Payment may also be made in advance online on the Madison Central High School website using the My School Bucks link. STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO BRING THEIR MACBOOKS WITH THEM TO THE GLASS TECHNOLOGY ROOM TO COMPLETE THE RENEWAL PROCESS BETWEEN APRIL 29 AND MAY 10.
    Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this renewal process. All MacBooks that are not renewed by May 10 will be collected for the summer beginning May 13. MacBooks collected beginning May 13 will be thoroughly inspected and fines will be assessed for damages and/or missing chargers, cords, cases, etc. In addition, MacBooks collected beginning May 13 will not be available for renewal again until August 7, 2019 at the earliest.