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  • Serenity Luckett, Principal
    This year, our motto is 'Be BLUE!'  We believe our students have untapped potential, and we plan to push them to grow in character, behavior, and academics.  Be BLUE stands for: Be Prepared.  Learn Actively. Uphold Excellence.  Earn and Give Respect.
    We will continue to focus on embracing your child, building strong relationships, and having good old-fashioned fun!  We are committed to keeping our students safe AND challenging them to reach their full potential (although we know there is no limit to potential!).  
    The HES staff teaches students to have a growth mindset.  What is growth mindset?  It is the belief that our brains can always grow.  It is the belief that people aren't born with a "fixed" intelligence and, with effort, grit, and perseverance, we can grow our brains!  AND with practice, practice, practice, and FEEDBACK!
    Thank you for your support, and as always, it is a great day to be a Titan!
    S. Luckett


  • "A" Rated School 2021-2022
  • Ron Clark House System School Distinction
  • 5 National Board Teachers


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