• Join the PTO 

    To join the Madison Station PTO for 2020-2021, please visit www.msepto.com to join.

    Membership dues are $25.00 per family. Dues must be paid in order for the membership process to be completed. Dues must be paid in order for the membership process to be completed. As part of your membership, you'll receive the exclusive Madison Station car emblem and a contact list of the families in our school by grade. Membership fees will be collected in the office throughout the school year. On our PTO payment form, you will see an opportunity to participate in our PACEsetters program.  
    Click here to read more about our PACEsetters program.

    After you have signed up for the PTO, if you are interested in volunteering to serve on a PTO committee, let us know. Thanks for your support! Please know that any committee you sign up for is JUST AN OPTION that will be provided to you. You NEVER have to accept a job. You may sign up for more than one committee!! Signing up will give that committee chairs a list of POTENTIAL volunteers.  She will contact you when specific events come up, but you are not obligated just because you signed up.

    The following are areas in which you may help serve MSE:

    Arts Attack- 2nd grade or Arts Sense:
    Volunteer to assist the classroom teacher with an art lesson for an hour in the classroom on scheduled days.

    Box Tops:
    Help promote, collect and organize Box Tops as a quarterly fundraiser.
    Fall Festival:
    Help the committee to organize and plan the festival.
    Volunteer to help set up, work a booth, or clean up after the event.

    Fundraising- K-5th:
    Help with the sale of the cookie dough and Charleston wraps.  Count money and organize orders.
    Help committee with grounds maintenance and upkeep.

    Library Book Fair:
    Setup displays, help students select books, and collect money.

    Box Tops:
    Help in promoting, collecting, and organizing Box Tops from students as a quarterly fundraiser.

    School Pictures:
    Help coordinate classes when school pictures are taken.

    Spring Event:
    Work with committee to help plan and organize the event held at MSE.
    Volunteer to set up, work a booth, and/or clean up after the carnival.

    Student Recognition:
    Help sort and distribute awards to students from scholastic achievement and excellence awards.

    Teacher Appreciation:
    Help host luncheons or other programs for faculty and staff.
    Bake or send in needed items.

    Help with sales and delivery of school t-shirts.
    Yearbook Photography:
    Take pictures of students and classes.