MMS String Orchestra  

    Stephanie Maisel-Weldon, smaisel@madison-schools.com
    Welcome to MMS String Orchestra:
    Class Time:  5th Block on "B" Day. 
                      8:15 a.m. - 9:54 a.m.
    Class Location:   Band Rehearsal Room B
    Please check the calendar tab for updates on MMS String Orchestra Activities.  For a comprehensive list of school activities go back to the main school site.
    Instruments are to be taken home daily for practice.  Students are allowed to leave their instruments in the south band hall in the String Orchestra corner/ on shelves during the school day and may pick up instruments at the end of the day.  Please clearly label your instrument and  binder. STUDENTS LEAVE THEIR INSTRUMENTS AT IN THE BAND HALL AND/OR AT SCHOOL AT THEIR OWN RISK. 
    Each student will need: 

           Instrument outfit (instrument, bow, case, rosin, cleaning cloth)

         Shoulder rest (violins)/ Rock Stop (cellos)

         1 1/2  inch black binder for orchestra only

         Pencil for class (never write on music with pen)

       Extra Rehearsals:

    Will be called on occasion.  Please check the main MMS String Orchestra page for reminders and the calendar for which grades/students will be involved.
    Email is fastest:   smaisel@madison-schools.com
    Looking forward to a super year!!



    • Please turn in MMS Orchestra Registration Form & Fees ASAP.

    • Students must bring your instrument and supplies to class every "B" day!!



    Students PLEASE remember:  In the mornings String students report to Mrs. Franz' Art Room on the 7th grade hall.  You may use the restroom or take care of school needs (return library books, make up quizzes) before 8:10 a.m.  Ms. Maisel will come get you from Mrs. Franz' room and walk you to the band hall at 8:00 a.m.  All students must report to the Band Hall by the tardy bell.