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    6th Grade Science

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    During the 2nd nine weeks, 6th grade science will be studying the kingdoms of living things!



    I am SO VERY excited that you are going to be  in my class!  We will be exploring the three main branches of science this year!  This means we will study life science, a little earth science and a little physical science throughout the year.  Please keep informed by checking this website often!!!  I am looking forward to a GREAT year!  


    General Information Supplies- 

    Please refer to CANVAS for most of our information.


    You will need a separate section in your binder labeled "Science" with loose leaf paper.  


    Tests-  Our tests will not be on any certain days but will depend on each chapter's length.


    Homework-Every night students will need to review over any notes or key terms from the chapter we are on. Always check the "Homework Blog" for assignments.  I check homework for completion using a plus/check/minus system.  Each plus equals 25 points, a check equals 15 for partial credit, and a minus equals zero points.  After four homework checks a  daily grade will be recorded in the grade book.  You will need to study NIGHTLY!


    Science Labs-  We will be having true lab activities using lab equipment.  Special rules and procedures will be taught for these labs. Even though lab activities are often fun, the lab is not a place to play. Your help in reinforcing this will be greatly appreciated.  


    An NM in the grade book means no mark has been recorded. I have simply saved a spot for a grade in the grade book.


    Projects- Students will be given all information as well as a rubric at least 10 days in advance of due date.  Projects will be done at home.  They will be graded as a test grade.


    What can you do as a parent?  encourage them to ask questions in class, study over notes and vocabulary nightly and check Active Parent!


    About the Teacher


    This begins my 30th year to teach with 28 of those in sixth grade science in Madison County Schools.  I graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelor of science degree in elementary education.  I am married to Greg Shows and we have two children.  We also have a bulldog named Dude and a cat!  I am a big MSU fan!  I enjoy traveling, working in my yard, going to the movies, watching sports events and being with family and friends. 

    I love to talk and have been told I am loud in class!!!  I want you to learn as well as have a little fun! I need students to listen and participate in class!  Looking forward to a great year! GO MAVS!!!