• October 15-19, 2018

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 10/12/2018

    1. Financial Literacy Challenge Online - Form Teams if you want to compete for up to $1000 in scholarships

    2. Practice Problem 2 - Challenges and Underlying Problem

    3. Problem Solving for non-FPS competitors - PSA

         -Topic - Must identify a problem and create a PSA to solve it

         -Character Chart

         -Story Board




    4. Art, Scenario, InvestWrite - Continue to work on these assigbments

    5. Chess Practice - Sign up to try out for a place on the competitive team and compete in the MCSD Chess Tournament in January

    6. Quiz Bowl Practice

        Team 1 - Reed, Judson, Camden, Hershika, Mary Leigh, Katherine

        Team 2 - John, Aidan, Brody, Jack, Jonathan

        Team 3 - Meredity, Georgia, Andrew, Isabelle, Ryan

    7 Continue to monitor your stock portfolio



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  • October 8-12

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 10/5/2018

    Monday - Tuesday - FALL BREAK - NO SCHOOL



    October 20, 2018 11:30 am Canton Public Library

    4-round Swiss

    Must be a member of USCF - JOIN HERE

    Flyer Information


    Wed - Thurs

    Take the Econ and Finance Challenge


    Things to Do This Week!

    1 - Econ Challenge Online

    2 - HBD Sifma Video

    3 - Camp McDowell Mural - Complete the Title

    4 - Write!!! Scenario and InvestWrite

    5 - Quiz Bowl Practice

    6 - PP@ Research


    If you don't have someting to do - go HERE and work through Interactive Financial Literacy 

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  • Week 8 Oct 1-5

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 9/28/2018

    1. This is the last week to pay for the Field Trip. All payments are due in full by Friday. Any unpaid account will have to be removed from the roster.

    2. InvestWrite - 400-900 word essay

        Pick an entrepreneur whom you admire (they can be from the past or present) and research their company. What business are they in and what makes them different from their competitors? Now imagine the company has just successfully raised cash in the capital markets. After investing some of the funds into growing the company’s operations, there is cash leftover. How would you advise them to invest that cash and grow their long-term financial returns?

    3. EconChallenge Online - review study guide - form team - take the Online Challenge - winners get $50 each

    4. Finance Challenge Online - review study guide - form team - take the Online Challenge - winners get invite to participate in April for $1000 scholarships

    5. Stock Market Game - monitor portfolio

    6. Begin Research for PP2


    Practice Problem #2 - Suggested Readings

    Drones are among the most hyped products for aviation enthusiasts in recent years. Although originally developed for military use, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be cool gadgets used for recreation. They can also be powerful tools for commerce, scientific research, agriculture, entertainment, photography, transportation, disaster relief, search and rescue, surveillance, and policing. UAVs can carry payloads and can be controlled remotely by a human operator or by an onboard computer. Basic drone models can be operated with little skill or training. Regulations on the use of UAVs are already in place in nations around the world, but technological advancements and expanded applications may outpace their regulation. While UAV use is growing exponentially, concerns are also escalating. Privacy intrusion, airspace violation, criminal use, surreptitious military operations, accidental crashes, terrorist threats, and other issues have raised alarms.

    What does the future hold for UAV technological advancements and accessory enhancements? Will access to UAVs be equitable? How will the pending prevalence of drones in our daily lives affect society overall, especially in areas of personal rights and safety?



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  • Week 7 Sept 24-28

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 9/23/2018

    1. Stockmarketgame.org - continue to monitor your portfolio

    2. FPS PP1 Due this week

    3. Scenario Writing Draft - Minimum 500 words due this week

    4. Design Challenge  #1- Make a solar balloon - bring 2 black trash bags

    5. Econ and Finance Practice Tests and Notes

    6. Design Challenge #2 - Make Paper - bring a newspaper

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  • Week 6 Sept 17-21, 2018

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 9/17/2018

    1 - Stock Market Game - Make 3 transactions, Monitor your portfolio

    2 - FPS Practice Problem 1 - Steps 1-3 GIPS Team and Art

    3 - Scenario Writing Draft - 500 Words minimum due this week

    4 - Design Challenge TBA

    5 - Make sure you are up to date on Field Trip Payments and T-Shirt Payment


    M-01   1A  John Cade Nate Alaina


    M-02   1A Sadie Bradley Daegyum Andrew


    M-03   3A Warren Andrew Jack Ben


    M-04   3A Caroline Ryan Meredith EllaG Mabry Georgia Isabelle


    M-05   3A Graeme Jonah RyanT Ethan


    M-06   4A Randi Ashley Lillana Emmie Ava Bentleigh


    M-07  4A Trevor Pate Awulu Jude


    M-08  4A Wade Reed Cannon Chloe Paige


    M-09  5B Mak Payton Diamonique Ava


    M-10  5B William Aiden  Elijah  Brody


    Extra 5  Hayden Collin Grant 


    Extra 1    6B  Della Kathryn MaryC Rahel MaryL Harsika


    Extra 2    6B Braden Judson Dhanush Camden Colton Sai Dylan


    Extra 3    7B Cooper Wen  Myla Ashlyn Cade


    Extra 4    7B Jimmy Hayden Brayden Jialin Cooper


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  • Week 5 Sept 10-14

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 9/7/2018

    8th Grade - Bring a can of Fruit for MADCAP


    Mon-Tues - SMG - 

    NYSE Made Easy


    Begin Scenario


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  • Week 4 Sept 4-7

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 9/4/2018


    Tuesday - Wednesday


    1 - The Trading Game - Demonstrates why we trade

    2 - POTUS Economic Advice - 50 words

    3 - Video - Overview of the Federal Budget Process


    Game Score Sheet

      Round 1   Round 2  
      Group 1 Group 2 Total  Group 1 Group 2 Total
    Local Grocery Store            
    Major League Baseball Tickets            
    Local Clothing Store            
    Local Video Store            
    Wal Mart            
    Local Jewelry Store            
    Local Mall            
    Local Golf Course            


    Thurs - Friday

    1. SMG Intro

    2. Register Teams of 3-5

    3. Creative Writing -  Emotions, Conflict

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  • Week 3 Aug 27-31

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 8/24/2018



    1. SMG Intro

    2. McDowell Mural



    1. SMG Intro

    2. Complete McDowell Mural



    This is the last day to sign up for the field trip to Camp McDowell. 

    This is the last day to order your PA T-shirt.

    You can do both on this FORM




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  • Week 2 Aug 20-24, 2018

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 8/17/2018

    REMINDER - Only 2 weeks left to sign up for the Camp McDowell Field Trip - HERE  


    Monday and Tuesday

    1. MAV Mark

    2. Bake Cookies in solar ovens (weather permitting)

    3. "I am" newsprint

    4. Research Project Assignment - McDowell Woods


    Wednesday and Thursday

    1. MAV Mark

    2. Continue Research Project

    3. McDowell Mural



    McDowell Mural



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  • UPDATE!!!!!

    Posted by Deborah Morali on 8/16/2018

    Please note the change of dates for our Field Trip

    New dates are November 7-9

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