•  7th grade tryouts:  Friday, February 21st:  3:30-5:00.    

     Information for the 2020 GMS Volleyball tryouts!

    Pick up for tryouts is 5:00 sharp.

    Your physical needs to be HANDED to either Coach Stephens or Coach Hodges BEFORE tryouts start at 3:30.

    If your physical is in the office, then go GET a COPY of it.  We do not know who is trying out.  DOUBLE CHECK your physicals and make sure they are

    UP TO DATE!  If your physical is not with us the day of tryouts or out of date, you CAN NOT try out.

    Wear proper attire:

    Knee pads, tennis shoes, shorts t shirt, hair pulled back, NO jewelry!

    We are looking at these skills for Volleyball:

    Passing, Serving, Hitting, Setting, Ball Control

    We will have outside people coming in to do our tryouts.  Coach Hodges will be running the tryouts! It is a CLOSED tryout!  No parents are allowed to watch.

    **This info was updated after the informational meeting on 1-23-20! **

    **7th grade tryouts will be posted (2-25-20) Tuesday night by 6:00 on the Volleyball GMS Website! **

    No spots are guaranteed on the team. ALL players are starting from scratch so bring your best self to tryouts. If you do not make the team then work on the volleyball skills above and keep trying out!  

    Good luck to all and thank you for trying out!  Coach Hodges and Coach Stephens