• Mollie GillespieThe World Of Reading Welcome to the World Of Reading!


    School phone no.  601-898-7710.

    Please be looking for your library books that you checked out before Spring Break. They will need to

    be returned before the end of the school year. Directions on how to do this will be coming to you soon.


    Assignment for May 11- May 15

    Click on to the Learn 360 link on the district's web page

     Select Reading Rainbow

    Select  Bored-Nothing To Do!

    watch videos

    This will be the last assignment for the school year. I hope each one of you remain safe and healthy throughout the summer and I will see you 

    when school begins again in the fall.

    Please remember to look for your library books that you checked out prior to Spring Break. We still have 300 books checked out to students that need to be 

    returned to the school.




     Assignment for May 4-8

    Click on to the Learn 360 link on the district's web page

    Select Reading Rainbow 

    Select The Bicycle Man

    watch videos 


     Assignment for April 27-May1

    Google  Mondays with Michelle

    select video of Former First Lady Michelle Obama to have her read a story to you


    Google  Dolly Parton Reads

    view videos of Dolly Parton reading bedtime storyies to children


    Assignment for April 20-24

    Go to   mdek12.org/LearningAtHome

    choose a grade level from Learning At Home resource page

    Scroll down to Digital Lessons

    Select Scholastic Learn At Home

    choose grade level again

    Select a video and activity


    Assignment for April 14-20

    Click onto Learn 360 link on the district web page.

    Type in Reading Rainbow  Bugs. in the search bar. View video on Bugs.


    Assignment for week April 6-10

    Click onto Learn 360 link on the district web page .

    Type in Reading Rainbow Germs Make Me Sick! in the search bar. View video.


    Assignment for week of March 30-April 3

    Go to -  mdek12.org/LearningAtHome

    choose a grade level from Learning At Home resource page

    scroll to Digital Lessons

    select Scholastic Learn At Home

    choose grade level again

    select a book video and activity


    Assiginment for week of March 23-27

    Google children's author Mike Artell

    Choose : Mike Artell - You Tube

    Select story: Jacques and the Beanstalk, a Cajun Tale  or select Three Little Cajun Pigs

    Allow Mike to read his story to you. Also written by Mike Artell is The Really Weird Jungle

    Mike also has videos where he will show you how to draw his characters.

    There are several good web sites on offered on the school's main web page

    For those who want to read a book -  try an e- book

     Click on  the School Closures and Updates banner on the school's web page

    Click on Enrichmenrt Resources

    Click on Grades PreK - 5

    Scroll through these for Adobo Digital Books

    Also scroll to Lunch Time Doodles with Mo Willems Live! This is YouTube videos with children's author Mo Willems


    Welcome Message

    Assignment for the week:

    Students, I have one assignment for you while we are getting use to online classes.

    First search for    www.worldbookonline.com

    Then your ID is:  mavericks      and your password is:  students

    Kindergarten through 2nd grade:

    Select:  KIDS

    Go through the different categories and read some of the articles to get use to what is found in this encyclopedia, click onto the audio icons and hear the article read to you.

    Last: go back to the World Book Kids homepage where it says  DIG IN!  Do you see the Search bar in the top right corner? Click onto it and type in the name Dr. Seuss. Read the article.


    3rd grade through 5th grade

    When you login to the World Book  Selelct :  Student

    Then search for Dr. Seuss

    Read the article and be certain to click onto the MEDIA butto as well as the RELATED button. 

    Return to the World Book Student homepage 

    Look at the Current Events and Biography Center.


    About the Teacher

    Hello. I am the librarian at Madison Crossing Elementary. I have been a librarian since 1981 and joined the Madison Crossing staff in 2006.

     Madison Crossing Elementary Library serves children kindergarten through 5th grade. 

    During the school year we have a school book fair. Our book fair is connected to the PTO's Crossing Fest. There will be books to purchase as well as posters, educational kits, decorated pencils and bookmarks. This year's book fair will be announced later.
    *****On Sept 26, 2019 MCE host guest author Trenton Lee Stewart. He spoke to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Forms were sent home for students who wish to purchase an autographed copy of one of his book. Reviews of his books can be located on the Barnes and Noble website. Books were handed out by author on Sept. 26.*****
    We had a guest author, Eliot Schrefer, visit our school on March 6, 2019. He spoke to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students about writing and illustrating a book. 
    The Madison Crossing Reading Fair was Jan. 10,2020.  This is where the students read a story and then tell the story through a decorated project board. The first place winners progressed on to the District Reading Fair. This is not a required student activity. Please sign the form sent home and return to the school librarian in order to receive the necessary rules and guidelines. Please turn in form if you wish to enter your child in the Reading Fair. The students will not receive guideline information unless I receive a signed form from the parent. You may look at the guidelines at READING FAIR@MDEK12.ORG This year's first place winners were:Parker Wood, Jhia Anderson, Tytus Dean, Avery Donald, Hudson Elliot, Mary Ella Hester, Will Parenteau, and Fairly Lola Dean.
    Check out these web sites for great reference materials.   World Book Encyclopedia - www.worldbookonline.com   User name: mavericks, Password: students
    Magnolia is a website full of articles and information. Go to  http://magnolia.msstate.edu/   If asked for a password use: magn0897 
    Your child's pleasure reading is a huge part of their education. Be certain to check out the various children's reading programs that will be offered at your public library and in the local book stores.  
    The school library does not accept replacement copies purchased for the library by students or parents. If a book is lost or destroyed the fine must be paid in order for the school librarian to
    purchase a replacement book.
    Mission Statement for Madison Crossing Library
    The library is committed to assisting the students and staff of Madison Crossing by instilling a lifelong enjoyment of reading while using information literacy skills and a collaborative approach to instruction based on the curriculum established by our school. The library is committed to providing access to quality print and non-print materials and technology.
    The library will help students learn through a quality program using information literacy skills.
    The library will provide students and staff with access to a variety of quality materials appropriate for the age of our students and their curriculum.
    The library will promote the love and enjoyment of reading.
    The library will provide assistance to the staff and collaboration in the areas of instruction in information literacy and technology to support the curriculum.