BA in Art - Belhaven College
    Masters of Education - Mississippi College

    Teaching Experience

    2000 - Present - Art Teacher, Madison Central High School

    Goals as a Teacher

    My goal as a teacher is to open the world of art to students, help them realize the important role art plays in their lives, and introduce them to artistic techniques to increase their talent and gifts.  My belief is that each child has a voice and can use that voice to express their beliefs, thoughts, and ideas through art.  My hope is that they will also leave my class with a new respect for artists and the arts. 

    Personal Artist Statement and Information

    I am a mom, daughter, and sister to a wonderful family.  I love the culture here in Mississippi.    I am an artist specializing in watercolor, acrylics, and photography.  I believe that as America and the world continue to globalize themselves that it is important to place identity in one's own place and space.  In art I aim to share moments in life by creating a pictorial diary of a vanished American South using ordinary day-to-day events.  My artwork is based on ordinary, everyday people and events.  Living in Mississippi has been a strong influence on my artwork.  I credit being raised in a family where it was an honor to be Southern and where family traditions are important.  Inspiration comes from family members, holiday gatherings, playing on dirt roads and farms, fishing in my grandparents pond, and flowers in my mother's yard.  My artwork is an exploration of southern life and the beauty that I see when I look at life around me.  I have two beautiful daughters.  I am a Christian and love going to church.  I love spending time with my friends and going to cultural events.