• Mrs. Mindi Cook


    My name is Mrs. Mindi Cook and I teach United States History and Advanced Placement US History. Welcome to my class! 

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    I love my job, and I enjoy coming to work each day to see what my students think about the foreign, domestic and historical subject of the day. It will be a great year. Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or comments, or compliments, or complaints you may have.
    What an exciting year to be in US History!  We have so many things to talk about that will be in our future History books. Please remember that we will not all agree on things, but listening to all different ideas and thoughts and backgrounds and cultures just makes each of us a better citizen. I cannot wait to lead you in this journey!  

    It is also important for me to mention your learning style here. I want to encourage parents and students to be aware of collabaration vs cheating. Students learn better when they think, write and read. Copying another student's work turns a thought-provoking assignment into busy work. I need students to make a point to do their own work. Asking for help, clarification and examples, are all great ways to collaborate to make your own work better; copying someone else's work because you 'didn't understand it' or 'don't have time' are not acceptable behavior. The students who mentally work through the assignments are growing intellectually while the students who copy are falling behind. 

    APUSH: 1491-Present Day   This class will follow the Advanced Placement curriculum to prepare students for the AP test that will be offered at the end of the course. This is also to ensure a full understanding of the country's growth. A full understanding of vocabulary, dates and people as well as an in depth understanding of how and why are imperative to succeed. YOu will be expected to be an active learner and participation in all aspects of class is required. 

    U.S. History: 1877-Present Day This class will follow the state standards and focus on concepts that are important in U.S. History. Using the state standards as a guideline we will explore history through the perspective of people. History is not just memorizing dates, people and places. In this course you will be expected to analyze and put your knowledge into action. You will be expected to be an active learner and participation in all aspects of class is required.

    Materials: Every student is required to have in class the following items:
                    (1) a '2 inch'  3 ring Binder with notebook paper
                    (2) Computer (charged and ready to use) and EARBUDS everyday
                    (3) Pen (blue or black ink)
                    (4) Pencil
                    (5) Highlighter
                    (6) Textbook (we have a class set- and an online link for home use)

    State Test- This course has a graduation mandatory State Test in May. The course is set up to ensure success if you do your work, attend class and understand what is assigned. Please work hard to understand the material and excel on the test!

    Let's have a great year in room 204!
    A1- US History                            B5- US History
    A2- US History                            B6- US Histoy
    A3- Planning                               B7- Planning
    A4- AP US History                       B8- US History

    ALL OTHER INFORMATION is updated to my CANVAS PAGE regularly.