• Day 13 – Wed. Sept. 12th (A-day)

    1. Redox (review combustion, syn, decomp, S.D.)



    1. MC 4.4
    2. Flinn sheets net due day Tues. Sept. 18th
    3. Lab pre-lab


    Master Chem. 4.4 and  4.4 part 2

    Day 12- Mon. Sept. 10th (A-day)

    1. Do Now#12
    2. Redox (review combustion, syn, decomp, S.D.)



    1. MC 4.4
    2. Flinn sheets net due day Tues. Sept. 18th



    Day 11 – Thurs. Sept. 6th

    1. Do Now#11
    2. Gases and Neutralization Reactions

    Homework: Wks 9.2, 9.3, 10.1

    Day 10 – Tues. Sept. 4th

    1. Do Now #10
    2. Cover Electrolytes
    3. Precipitation Reactions

    Homework: MC 4.1-4.3 and 9.1 works net ionic #1-10




    Day 9 Aug. 30th - Test covering Ch. 1-3

    Hw: Read Chapter 4 and take 1 page of notes. This will be graded as a daily grade for completion. 



    Day 8 Aug. 28th Rev. Combustion Analysis, Mass Spec. 

    Homework: Test next class!



    Day 7 Aug. 24th

    Review Stoich,

    Rev. LR, Combustion Analysis,

    Molarity and Molar conversions



    1. 3 Stoich, L.R., and Combust. Analysis Review on Master Chem

           2.  Molarity  on Mastering Chem





    Day 6 Aug. 22 –


    Do Now#6

    Finished lab, worked on lab write up, worked on Stoich. Problems and Limiting Reagent Problems and Excess reagent problems

    Homework: MC Ch. 3 due on the 24 at 8:30 am



    Day 5 Aug. 20th

    1. Do Now #5

    Analysis of Calcium Carbonate Tablets Lab 



    Day 4) Thursday, Aug. 16th-

    Review Nomenclature

                            Review mole conversions

                            Review balancing equations

                            Students will be leaving during this block for School Pictures

    HW- Ch. 3 bal. eq., emp. And molecular formulas Due day 6 (Aug. 22)

    come dressed for lab that's next class,

    complete pre-lab, Also remember HW from CH.1 & 2 review is due at 8:30 am on 8/20




    Day 3) Tuesday Aug. 14th – Review Ch. 1&2

                Ch. 1   3 Sig. Fig. or # from the problem

                Ch. 2.5-2.8 Charges and formulas 2.8 main focus


    Students will …

    1. Complete Do Now#3
    2. Mention that homework is online,  if students need help on a problem they must show work. Tests must have work to receive credit.
    3. Finish reviewing Nomenclature
    4. Work on sig. fig. problems
    5. Complete Problems on Pg. 75 39, 2.40, 2.51, 2.55, and 2.56 in textbook
    6. Touch on Mole conversions
    7. Review Balancing Eq.
    8. Remind students we will be in lab on Monday, Aug. 20th




    Day 2 Aug. 10th –  

    Class work:

    1. lab safety, show lab safety layout
    2. think tube
    3. Review Sig. Fig. and Calculations
    4. Review nomenclature
    5. Pop quiz on Sig. Fig. and Nomenclature


                Continue HW from Day 1 due next class (Tuesday.


    Day 1 Aug. 8th – Cover syllabus, tutoring times, Register students on Master Chem. (MC) Begin homework


    MC HW  due Aug. 14th

    1. To MC
    2. Chemistry Primer


    Bring back signed papers and submit/pay lab fee  by Friday Aug. 17th for a Mole Dollar