• Seniors:  To be a Mississippi Scholar you must meet the guidelines listed below and turn your volunteer hours form into Student Services (date TBA) to Mrs. Terry.  Mississippi Scholars will receive a medallion to wear at graduation.

    Madison Central is proud to announce its participation in the MS Scholars Program.  With the encouragement and guidance of business leaders and community volunteers, our students will be encouraged to choose the IHL Recommended Course of Study for graduation.  This program is sponsored by the MS Economic Council which advocates Rigor, Relevance and Relationships in education.  For more information MS Scholars Program, visit www.mississippischolars.ms


    Mississippi Scholars Curriculum
    for Seniors of School Year 2015 and Later


    4 credits must consist of:

    • English I (1)
    • English II (1)
    • English III (1)
    • English IV (1)


    4 credits must consist of:

    • Algebra I (1)
    • Geometry (1)
    • Algebra II (1)
    • And one Carnegie Unit of comparable rigor and content may come from Mathematics courses approved for Mississippi Scholars Credit (www.mississippischolars.ms)


    4 credits must consist of:

    • Biology I (1)
    • Chemistry (1)
    • Any two Carnegie Units of comparable rigor and content (Physics (1) preferred). Additionally, one Carnegie Unit may come from a Career Technical Education course.


    4 credits must consist of:

    • World Geography (1/2)
    • Mississippi Studies (1/2)
    • World History Studies (1)
    • U.S. History (1)
    • U.S. Government (1/2)
    • Economics (1/2)


    1 credit of:

    • One Carnegie Unit of visual and performing arts meeting the requirements for high school graduation or
    • 2 units for the completion of the 2 course sequence Computer Graphics Technology I & II


    2 credits must consist of:

    • Two Foreign Languages or a 5th Math or 5th Science of higher rigor


    • 40 Hours of Community orVolunteer Service during 4 years of high school
    • 18 ACT Composite Score (Overall Score)
    • 2.5 cumulative high school GPA on a 4.0 scale
    • 3 letters of recommendation (one from each of the following – principal, guidance counselor and business/community leader for students with more than 4 in-school suspensions)
    • 95% School Attendance during 4 years of high school
    • No out-of-school suspension
    • Mississippi Scholars must also complete any remaining State-mandated high school graduation requirements.
    • Advanced Placement courses may be substituted in Mississippi Scholars subject areas.
    • Dual credit and online courses are acceptable.


    CLICK HERE for a list of approved courses that can be substituted for Mississippi Scholars Credit

Last Modified on July 25, 2017