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    Student Absence Information:

    (Please see the Handbook for District level requirements)

    For admittance after an absence at Madison Central, each student is required to see the Attendance Clerk upon returning to school. We have a new online absence form to help make the process of parent notes more efficient. To take advantage of this online absence form, you must have a School Web site account. To sign up for a School Web site account, Click HERE. Once you have the account established, you may use this form as an official "parent issued excuse." Please note that this form is not provided for medical excuses.  A doctor's excuse is still needed to be turned in to the Attendance personnel for a "Medical" excuse to be applied.

    Online Absence Form


    Instructions regarding Check-outs for Students:

    To request a student checkout, an authorized Parent or Guardian should send an email to mcattendance@madison-schools.com no later than 10:30 AM on the day of the requested Check out.
    Within the email message, be sure to include the following information:

    PLEASE NOTE: The email should come from the current parent/guardian’s email address (included in the student’s contact information). Be sure to check Active Parent/Student to verify the check-out note has been processed.

    Links to Other Available Forms and Resources:

    Parental Contact Information form (Please keep your information updated for the Automated Messaging System)

    ACT Prep Site