Mr. Hosey 6th Grade World History

  • Hello everyone, my name is Arthur Hosey Jr and I am one of the 6th grade history teachers at Old Town Middle.  I'm excited to go on this journey of teaching our young people about everything from the Babylonians, Greeks, and Samurai all the way to the Aztecs. My goal is always to help cultivate an appreciation of where we come from to help them understand how to get where we want to be.




    Remind: @hoseyotm to 81010 or hit *this link*

  • I'm originally from Greenville, MS and I am a graduate of Mississippi State University. I have 10 years of teaching experience. I genuinely love history and I am passionate about showing students how fun it can be and how the past informs their present and future.


    Outside of schools I enjoying grilling and smoking meats, traveling (especially internationally) and "precision sports". Estoy aprendiendo espanol pero hablo muy poco 😅.