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  • Hi Families!

    I am Mrs. May, and this is my 12th year as an educator and 5th year serving Madison Avenue's teachers and students as a math specialist. I love making math fun for everyone, especially through playing games!

    A lot has changed about the way we teach math since many of us were in school. There's more focus on students understanding the mathematics rather than just learning facts. This helps our students feel more successful but can leave families feeling confused. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions about the math your student is doing, and we'll work through it together!


    Games are a great way to practice math skills!
    Here are some of my favorites:
    Card Games: Zeus on the Loose & SkyJo
    Dice Games: Double Shutter, Tenzi, & Even Steven's Odd
    Board Games: Prime Climb
    Strategy Games: NOMIDS


    Contact Information: