Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Andrew T. Harrison (History)

Hi! My name is Andrew Harrison and I'm incredibly excited about being your teacher this year!

A little about me: I'm not originally from Mississippi, my dad was in the Air Force and so I was born in Illinois on March 27th, 1994. Eventually, we moved to MS around 2000 and I've been here ever since.

I've always wanted to be a teacher (like seriously). I genuinely believe that education is the way forward to a better tomorrow.  So, in order to make my dream a reality, I went to college in 2012 after graduating from high school. I enrolled at William Carey University in Hattiesburg for a Bachelor's in Art program with a major in History and a minor in Ancient Languages (I learned Hebrew, Greek, Ugaritic, and Latin). After that, I pressed on to my Master's in History; during those two years, I studied Ancient and Modern History and wrote a 50-page Master's Thesis. I finished my Master's program in 2020. 

I've been teaching since 2018; my first school I taught at was Hattiesburg High School, where I taught: US Government, World History, US History, and Survey of World Religions. In September of 2020, I began teaching online at Union County College in Cranford, New Jersey. At Union County College, I teach classes in US History, the History of Western Civilization, and Latin American History. 

In 2019 I married the love of my life (pictured above) and we now have three beautiful furry children (two dogs and a cat).

I am super excited to begin this excellent school year with you and your families as we continue to move the mark, expand your horizons, and hopefully show you just how big and beautiful humanity is.

Go Titans!


Have any questions for me? Feel free to reach out to me at my email address

  • 1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed

    by Eric Cline Year Published:

    Here Cline discusses how the Late Bronze Age Mediteranean World had become interlcoked into interconnecting economic and political system, but by the year 1177 BCE a failure in one part of the system led to catastrophic system failure and the end of Late Bronze Age Civilization for roughly 200-300 years. 

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  • India: A History

    by John Keay Year Published:

    The history of the Indian subcontinent from its most ancient roots of Harapan Civilization up to the modern day. A great read!

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  • The Scramble for Africa

    by Thomas Pakenham Year Published:

    This book relays the story of how colonial European powers systematically intruded upon the African interior and siphoned off the natural resources of the African interior during the late 1800's, leaving inner Africa destitute and powering Europe's growing Industrial Revolution.

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  • King Leopold's Ghost

    by Adam Hochschild Year Published:

    The story of the kingdom of Belgium, hungry for colonial acquisitions, colonized the Congo and effectively enslaved the Conoglese people, even after slavery had been abolished internationally. The abuses in the Congo are connected directly to problems that the Congo struggle with today.

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  • How to Hide an Empire

    by Daniel Immerwahr Year Published:

    A history of US Imperialism with particular attention to the Spanish American War that led to the acquisition of the Phillipines, Guam, and Puerto Rico as colonies. 

    Great book.

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  • The Fate of Rome

    by Kyle Harper Year Published:

    Great book where Dr. Harper describes how climate change from the 3rd to 6th century CE caused the collapse of the Roman Empire. 

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