December 01

    indict (v.)

    formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime; accuse of wrongdoing

    *The grand jury indicted the leader of the organization for stealing from the community fund.

    *syn.:  summons; cite; incriminate


    December 02

    cacophony (n.)

    harsh, loud discordant sounds

    *The music recital was more cacophony than concert.

    *syn.dissonance, discord, din






    December 05

    prodigious (adj.)

    extraordinary in size, amount, or degree; immense; enormous

    *Sarah wrote a prodigious number of novels before her thirtieth birthday.

    *syn.:  epic, immense, mammoth, colossal, gargantuan, humongous


    December 06

    capricious (adj.)

    subject to or led by whim; given to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or behavior

    *Candy’s capricious behavior keeps even her best friend guessing.

    *syn.:  erratic, whimsical, changeable, fickle, mercurial


    December 07

    impetuous (adj.)

    having sudden or rash action; impulsive; acting or done quickly and without much thought or care

    *Jane made an impetuous decision to quit soccer and join the debate team.

    *syn.:  spontaneous, rash, reckless


    December 08

    cavalier (adj.)

    showing arrogant disregard; a lack of proper concern

    *Lisa’s cavalier attitude toward the group project frustrated her classmates.

    *syn.:  dismissive, disdainful, offhand


    December 09

    incredulous (adj.)

    unwilling or unable to believe something

    *Many people were incredulous that such a small fire could have caused so much damage.

    *syn.:  dubious, skeptical, wary, cynical