• Mu Alpha Theta2018-2019 Mu Alpha Theta Membership Information



    Stephen Draughn - Co-President                                

    Michael Zhang - Co-President                                     

    Sam Gaines - Vice President                                       

    Annie Thomas - Secretary                                           

    Eric Chen - Treasurer                                                   

    Amy Pang - Convention Coordinator                           



    Mrs. Beverly Daniel

    Mrs. Tam Yowell

    Mrs. Tangia Miller

    Mrs. Sabrina Smith

    Mrs. Nikki Bock

    Mrs. Kristin Cooley

    Mrs. Gina Gibson



    ***Important Dates***

    Interest Meeting on Tuesday morning, August 28, in room 296 (Mrs. Yowell's room).


    Free tutoring in room 291 (Mrs. Miller's room) EVERY WEDNESDAY beginning some time in September (specific date to be determined). Come for help in any math class! 


    HEY! If you are interested in Heron's Formula and really want to dive in more, click this link that will take you to a Khan Academy video that proves Heron's formula using the Pythagorean Theorem! It's awesome!!


     Also, if you need some help with a math concept, or are simply interested in learning more, here are 2 recommended help sites: