• Welcome to Salma Abdo's page !!!! :)

    I will be teaching Algebra 2 and AP Calculus. 

    About Me

    I was born, and raised in Cairo, Egypt. I completed my B. Sc. In Electronics Engineering at Cairo University.  I came to the USA, in 1997, with my husband when he got a job as a computer engineer. 

    I went into teaching and started my master’s in teaching arts at Mississippi College.   I taught math for 12+ years, teaching classes ranging from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus.   I am blessed with 4 children ranging in age from high school to third year of med school.

    Besides teaching math, I enjoy nature walks and hiking, reading, as well as getting together with family and friends.

    I believe all students can excel in math as long as they put in the needed effort.  Some will need to put more efforts than others, but I will always be there to help and guide. I welcome students to email me and come see me in the mornings, if they need extra help.

     My Contact

    Please feel free to contact me anytime: 

    email: sabdo@madison-schools.com

    remind: text to 81010  -  @g6ec9c for Algebra 2. -  @ae7h7a for AP Calculus

    Text: (601) 345-1502