• Hello! Welcome to 6th Grade Science with Mrs. Walker!

    Room 608

    Contact Information

    Email: ashlee.walker@madison-schools.com

    2022-2023 Class Remind: text @7b7f4c to 81010 


    Hello everyone! My name is Ashlee Walker (Mrs.Walker), and I am a 6th Grade Science Teacher. This will be my 10th year teaching and my third year at Madison Middle. I am thrilled to work with you and get to know each one of you better.



  • Favorites

    Favorite Shade/Color: black, gray, teal

    Favorite Restaurants: Seafood, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai

    Favorite Foods: salad, sushi, crab, Phở soup, shrimp gumbo

    Favorite Breakfast foods: Chobani Flip Yogurt (all flavors), fresh fruit or fruit cups, and hashbrown casserole 

    Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan

    Favorite Candy: sour gummy worms and Twix

    Favorite Drink: water, coffee, and hot tea

    Favorite Animals: dogs and turtles

    Favorite Sports: basketball, soccer, flag football, track and field

    Favorite Book Genre: thriller, historical fiction, and YA

    Favorite things to do: cook, read, travel, play sports (I am very competitive), watch the Food Network Channel


    More About Me

    I’m originally from Georgia.

    My father served in the Air Force for 21 years.

    I lived in Germany for four years and still know several sayings/words in German.

    I have studied abroad in Cuba.

    My original college major was Biology.

    I have one sister and many people assume we are twins.

    I was born in November.

    Fall is my favorite season.


    When I was in middle school………

    My favorite subject was math.

    My favorite books were Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, The American Girls, and The Babysitters Club.

    My favorite meal was steak, broccoli, and mashed potatoes (I don’t eat beef anymore though).

    My favorite movies were Matilda, The Parent Trap, and Mulan. 

    My favorite games were Trouble, Candy Land, and Life.

    I played basketball, soccer, softball, and participated in track & field. I only played volleyball for one year.