That's Mr. Bunny to you, Bub.

Happy Day-After-Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of fun and family, and that you made the most of this beautiful weather. Let's get ready for a little music and movement!

  • Hey friends - Stand up!  Let's get your blood pumping with our morning song - Sing with me in a strong, clear voice!

    Good Morning!

    Next, let's practice counting and playing body percussion with Mr. Henry and his Easter Bunny Rap!  Maybe you can recruit a friend or family member to come dance with you.  It'll make them HOP HOP HOP! 

    Mr. Henry's Easter Bunny Rap

    Great job! I hope you can feel your heart beating and your muscles working - that's how we know we're getting good exercise.  One more thing before we go - let's get our ya-ya's out with the ...

    Wiggle Song

    Thank you for taking a music and movement break with me.  As always, I've included the link to the Two Horn Band web app for anybody who wants to program some bumping beats and practice their freestyle rap skills.  See you soon!

     Click here to play with the Two Horn Band!