• School is in session!  Beginning March 23, 2020, school is taking place via distance learning.  As during the school year, attendance/participation is not optional.  Students are expected to participate in all class discussions, assignments, activities,etc assigned by your teachers.  


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    1.  I do not have internet access to complete my assignment; what do I do?

         Please call the school at 601-859-6150 or click here to email the school and you will receive instructions on how to receive paper/pen assignments.


    2.  My computer will not work; what do I do?

         Please call the school at 601-859-6150 or click here to email the school.  You will receive instructions on how to receive service to fix your computer or to receive a loaner device.  


    3.  I have a question for my teacher; what do I do?

         Please email your teacher with your questions via Canvas or school email or call the school at 601-859-6150 and we will get a message to your teacher to contact you via phone.


    4.  How do I obtain breakfast and/or lunch?

         Breakfast and/or lunch is provided free of charge to any student 18 years or younger at 4 locations throughout the district:  Ann Smith Elementary, Camden Elementary, East Flora Elementary, & Madison Crossing Elementary.  This is Monday through Friday from 10:30am until 12:00pm.