• Physical Education- Coach Woods


    Welcome to PE at Madison Avenue Lower Elementary


    Madison Avenue Elementary provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the overall development and well being of every individual.  The major goal of physical education is to facilitate the development of each individual to reach his or her fullest potential as an adult.  Physical Education is a comprehensive developmental program focused on the education of the mental, physical and social well-being of the individual.  The physical education curriculum at Madison Avenue is diverse enough to allow every student the opportunity to participate in activities which provides success and enjoyment.  Through the physical education experience, the students at Madison Avenue will have the opportunity to develop cooperation, tolerance, sportsmanship, leadership, respect and honesty.   Through Physical Education every student will realize the value of wholesome physical activity and will remain physically active throughout life!

    At Madison Avenue Elementary School, we have included the SPARK curriculum into our own curriculum for Physical Education. The benefits of using the SPARK curriculum include: Increased academic achievement, increased moderate to vigorous physical activity in students, fitness achievement, sport skills development, enjoyment of PE, improved teacher instruction and the effects of SPARK are lasting. 

    Brain-Based research has shown us that 80 percent of school aged students learn kinesthetically. Through movement inside the classroom, teachers will strive to meet state requirements and meet the needs of all learners. The Mississippi Healthy Students Act, passed in the 2007 legislative session, requires public schools to provide increased amounts of physical activity and health education instruction for K-12 students. The Act mandates 45 minutes per week of health education instruction and 150 minutes per week of activity based instruction in Grades K-8. Research supports the link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance. The physical education program at Madison Avenue Elementary has provided the classroom teachers with a library of activities, literature, videos and allows the use of all the Physical Education equipment in the school.The program provides teachers with grade-specific activities linked to core curriculum objectives in mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and character education. The program also provides physical activity that reinforces academic concepts and skills.