• S.O.A.R. Program


    The S.O.A.R mentoring program, which stands for Success, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results, was started during the 2017-2018 school year.  It was started as a positive program specifically for African American males.  The next year, the S.O.A.R program expanded to ALL GMS students (male and female) because students had a strong desire to participate.  The program is sponsored by educators within Germantown Middle School.  In three years, S.O.A.R has been able to accomplish the following: 
    1) Increased participation from African American males to various ethnicities that have a desire to participate
    2) 90% of S.O.A.R participants are students that are on Honor Roll and/or have Perfect Attendance each nine weeks (High Scholastic Achievement)
    3) No major discipline infractions
    4) 90% of S.O.A.R students have taken the ACT beginning in the 6th grade
    5) College Trip during the Spring of the school year. The impact that S.O.A.R has made on the culture of Germantown Middle School continues to rise each year. 
    We look forward to adding more participants and securing funding to maintain the high academic expectations and exposure for the students of S.O.A.R.


    For more information about S.O.A.R., please contact Seketha Williams (swilliams@madison-school.com), Calvin Waddy (cwaddy@madison-schools.com) or Dr. Falana Burks (fburks@madisom-schools.com).