School Counseling Program 

    Hello!  My name is Julia Baik, M.Ed., the School Counselor at Madison Avenue Elementary School.  This page provides you with information about MAE's School Counseling program, which is an integral part of the educational program by providing support, guidance and life skills. Its structure is three-pronged, providing services for:
    • Information and Prevention
    • Development and Support
    • Intervention and Redirection
    Support may be requested from the counselor through: self-referral, parent referral or teacher referral.  As a counselor, I consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents in effort to provide a comprehensive support system for students.  
    Services are provided through:
    1. Individual counseling - Individual counseling assists students with any concerns the student may have, whether it involves personal/social issues, academic struggles, or other difficulties that the student needs individualized support.  Students are encouraged to form goals and plan to achieve their goals.
    2. Small groups - Small groups give extra support for students who may benefit from learning and sharing about friendship/social skills, motivation/study skills, and self-esteem/self-image.  In groups, students not only receive guidance but also learn from each other as they share similarities and differences regarding the same topic.
    3. Classroom guidance - Classroom guidance focus around different character traits each term to help students understand their expected attitude and behavior at school, create a fun and safe school climate, learn to be respectful and kind to friends and teachers, practice cooperating and managing different feelings, etc.  

    As these topics are covered throughout the year, the counseling program also provides positive reinforcement through fun programs such as monthly Super Jags and Jag Café.

    If you have concerns for your child at any point during the school year,
    please don’t hesitate to contact me at 601-856-2951.