• **Busy as a bee in First Grade!**

    Busy as a bee

    E-mail address:rtichy@madison-schools.com

    School Phone Number:601-856-2951

    Welcome to the Busy Bees First Grade class.  I will try to keep you informed about news and about activities that are going on in our classroom and at school. We will enjoy getting to know each other, adjusting to school and classroom rules and routines, and making new friends. We are looking forward to having a fun and productive year.

    About the Teacher:

    This is my 24th year working at Madison Avenue. This is my 14th year to teach. I love working with the boys and girls. I expect them to learn and enjoy learning, but I also want them to feel good about themselves.  These  things will help them to be life long learners.  I was married to a wonderful man. We were married for 38 years. I  have 3 children, and 5 grandchildren (Hanna, Grayson, Nora, Alexa, and Bryce). I like to read, paint ceramics, and shop till I drop.  I have 2 chihuahuas and 1 cockatiel. It is a privilege to help the boys and girls in our class become life long learners and grow into becoming responsible adults.