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    to Kindergarten!





     I will try to keep you informed about news and  about activities that are going on in our classroom and at school.

    The beginning of the year is busy getting to know each other, adjusting to school and classroom rules anlove bugs d routines, and making new friends.door


                      Kindergarten is FUN~ bug3



                                  and LEARNING IS FUN !





    About Mrs. Gross~

    This will be my 44th, year of teaching, and 38 of those years have been in kindergarten.  I love it and the children.  I expect them to learn and to enjoy learning, but I also want them to feel good about themselves.  These things will help them to be life long learners.

    I am married and have a sweet family , including  8 grandchildren.

    I like to collect crosses, ladybug things, garden art and old things.  When not teaching, I love to read,shop, cook, bake, garden, paint and enjoy my grandchildren!