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    Posted by Jade Whitehurst on 3/31/2020
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  • Week 2 Review ( March 23-27)

    Posted by Jade Whitehurst on 3/22/2020 11:55:00 PM

    Hi Class!! Missing you all like crazy!! unfortunate circumstances are requiring us to learn from a distance. Therefore each week I will post three assignments that will still allow us to get our learn on! If you are struggling with something keep in mind you can look back at the PowerPoint on my webpage or shoot me an email to ask for help. Please be specific with your questions. Do not say I need help with number one. Tell me the page, the number, and write out the question you are referring to. You may type your answers into a word doc and then upload it to canvas. PLEASE WAIT TO UPLOAD YOUR ASSIGNMENT ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL THREE ASSIGNMENTS

    ( I have also created this same assignment in canvas for Eighth grade science you can upload your completed tasks there)

     Monday/Tuesday complete the following assignment:

    Objective Review for Genetics.docx

    Tuesday/Wednesday complete the following Assignment:

    8th 3d_HEREDITY.docxPreview the document


    Thursday/Friday complete the following assignment:


    Objective review_Mitosis and Meiosis_bio.doc



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