• Welcome! This year I will be teaching Art 1, Art 2 and Photography. I have three children: Charli White at Mississippi College, Grayson White at GHS, and Hugh Brooks who is at NWR Middle. I grew up on a farm in the very small community of Twin City right outside of Carthage. My husband is Michael Brooks, also from Carthage. 

    Art is required by MDE for graduation and students need to take two Art classes to obtain one full credit.  Art 1 is a prerequisite for Art 2, Photography, Ceramics, Painting and Drawing. You might be wondering why your student is required to take Art to graduate. Here are a few things that Art teaches, other than how to paint and draw:

    1. Problem solving skills.

    2. Nurture creativity.

    3. Build confidence.

    4. Persevere through challenges.

    5. Practice focus to achieve goals.

    6. Communication is not just words.

    7. Improvement comes through constructive feedback.

    8. Collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.

    9. Understand our choices affect others.

    10. Working independently and time management.

    I will periodically send text messages through SchoolStatus. Students will be graded on following instructions and effort, not talent level. Every student can succeed in my class if effort is evident. I look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you. 

    If you have any questions throughout the semester, feel free to email me.

    Email: cbrooks@madison-schools.com

    MSU Family