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    Parents and students, welcome to our math class!  On this site you’ll find a course description, syllabus, my teacher bio, and other fun information.  For course assignments and updates please see Canvas.  If you wish to contact me, please use my email address (see above) or the Remind app (see syllabus for the class access code).  Any comments or suggestions about the class throughout the year are also appreciated, which you can submit in the "Comments and Suggestions" tab to the left, no name required, or feel free to send me an email.

    Note that I do not have my own classroom this year.  If you need to find me during the school day, my schedule is as follows:

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    A Day

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    B Day

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    About the Teacher
    I am married to my beautiful wife, Laís Young.  She is from Brazil, and she has a PhD in Psychopharmacology (so she’s way smarter than I am).  We have two amazing schnoodle doggo daughters named Mae and Cynthia.


    Mr. Young and Wife

     Mr. Young and dogs

    Wife and Mae



    Mae and Cynthia

    I am originally from the Houston area of Texas.  I graduated from Sam Houston State University with a double major in both Mathematics and Spanish, and a minor in Secondary Education.  In college I was able to spend a month studying abroad in Spain and a month performing mission work in the Philippines. I got my first job, teaching high school math at a large Houston public school, where I taught everything from Algebra to AP Calculus for two years.
    I then moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue a career in Actuarial Science and spend many nights and days studying for actuarial exams. 
    I met my wife in Atlanta, then quit my job and followed her when she had to go back to Brazil to finish her PhD in 2016.  I stayed in Brazil for three months, meeting her family and friends and watching her successfully defend her PhD.  She then got a postdoctoral position at UMMC in Jackson, MS, and in 2017 we moved back to the U.S., and I was hired on for an entry-level actuarial position at a local life insurance company.  After a couple of years, I returned to teaching and found a home at GHS!


    Other Teacher Facts
    I’ve loved math since I was in elementary school, but I also like photography, photo editing, crafts, crocheting, poetry, charcoal drawing, pastels, and am always slowly experimenting with new artistic media (see the "Great Poetry!" tab on the left). I find art enjoyable partly because it teaches you how to not only learn from mistakes but to be happy being a messy, goofy human being and use your mistakes to create new and exciting things.
    Foreign language has been as close to me as math, and I jump on Duolingo to practice different languages whenever I have the time.
    I also love Excel spreadsheets, computer programming, and the mechanics of personal finance, all of which I picked up from my years in Actuarial Science (see the "What is Actuarial Science?" tab on the left).
    I like reading philosophy, and I learn as much as I can about the sciences so that I can understand as many of the new, totally amazing discoveries about our world, universe and ourselves as possible (see the "Cool in Science!" tab on the left).
    I eat well, exercise, and sleep as much as I can so that I can enjoy every moment of my life to the fullest.  I like to meditate to keep my mind clear and calm to better handle the daily challenges of life (see the "SLEEP" tab on the left).
    My favorite TV shows are Futurama (I’ve seen every episode at least three times), Bob’s Burgers (at least two times), Parks and Rec (at least two times); and my favorite movie is Interstellar.  Otherwise, my wife and I don't watch TV at our home.

    I am grateful to live in the greatest period of human history yet and for the struggle that so many people had to face and still face for this period to exist; to live in the richest and most diverse society that has ever existed; to have the technology that gives us the greatest quality of life that a human being has ever been able to have (if used well).  I am grateful for the brave, the cowards, the bold, the timid, the curious, the ambitious, the selfish, the selfless, the creative; the uniqueness of every human being and our shared desire for happiness and security that hurtles us all together into an unknown future.
    I am grateful to be a teacher, to be surrounded by so much knowledge and so many uniquely brilliant people.

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