English Language Learner (ELL) News:

    About the teacher:

     I graduated from Mississippi College and began teaching here at Madison Avenue Elementary, Madison Avenue Upper, Ann Smith Elementary and Madison Crossing. I currently teach students in grades K-5 as a travel teacher at  Madison Avenue Elementary, and Madison Avenue Upper Elementary. I have a fourth grader and love to spend my time scrapbooking, reading, and spending time with my family. I have a love for photography and history.  I am very honored to be at these wonderful schools to share the English language to my students.



      This year in kindergarten the focus in on phonics, phonemic awareness, reading and writing. Your child will participate in language acquisition games and use technology as means to expand his/her knowledge.


    1st grade:

      This year in first grade, our focus is on many aspects of learning. Our most important task besides reading and knowing the phonics/grammar of the English language, will be writing along with reading comprehension. Vocabulary is integrated into all areas of learning.


    2nd grade:

        This year in second grade we will be working on reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and parts of speech. Your child will learn how all of these things connect to make the bigger picture work. 


    Parents:  It is very important to read to your child(ren) daily, to foster a love of reading. Please encourage them to read to you and ask questions after they read to check for an understanding of the content.

     If you should have any questions, please email me at ngrantham@madison-schools.com