• Student ID Procedures:


    EVERY student MUST wear their student ID AT ALL TIMES while on school grounds.

    Student IDs MUST be visible above the waist AT ALL TIMES.

    The student IDs may not be changed or altered in any way. (free of stickers, markings, other photos, etc)

    The first ID is free.  The cost of lost IDs is $3.00. The cost to replace a lanyard is $3.00. These items may be purchased in the library BEFORE school or during Mav Break. No IDs will be sold during class instructional time.

    If a student receives an office referral warning for no ID, and it is lost,  they may take this referral to the library BEFORE school (7:45-8:15) to purchase a new ID.


    Consequences for not displaying student ID:

    1st offense: Warning

    2nd offense: 2 days Mav Break detention

    3rd offense: 3 days Mav Break detention

    4th offense: 4 days Mav Break detention and parental contact

    After the 4th offense: full day ISD and parental contact